Furnace Refractories and Kiln Insulation: How to Get the Best Results

The infrastructure of your furnace or kiln is obviously of critical importance to successful operations, but the appropriate selection and installation of refractory products used are equally important. Whether you decide on precast shapes, MAFTEC™ High-Temperature Insulation or a monolithic refractory, the results you get will depend on more than the material itself. Furnace refractories and kiln insulation are crucial elements of your industrial heating processes. Find out how to ensure the best results. Click To Tweet

Furnace Refractories and Kiln Insulation

All refractories are insulating to some degree, but when it is required to minimize the loss of heat without enlarging the structure, careful selection from a small group of special materials is necessary. Insulation systems are integral components that maintain temperatures and ensure consistency throughout the kiln or furnace. But their role hardly stops there. In addition, they do the following:

  • Reduce heat loss through the top and sides of the furnace or kiln.
  • Ensure operator safety by maintaining safe temperatures for external surfaces.
  • Reduce energy costs by retaining more heat inside.
  • Resists thermal shock in applications involving rapid heating or cooling.
  • Provides flexibility and strength, as well as corrosion resistance.

Pay For Quality

Inferior refractory material can lead to poor performance and frequent replacement. Instead of choosing a material based on price, it pays to research suppliers to ensure the quality of the lining material and establish whether or not they have a proven record of success.

Pro Tip: Choosing a cheaper, inferior refractory material may save you some money up-front only to cost you greatly down the line.

Consider the Application

Many different materials are available to meet the specific requirements and applications. When choosing the best furnace refractory or kiln lining, consider the service temperature limit, whether or not there will be rapid heating up or cooling down and microstructure of the processes.

Consistency is Key

Why does consistency matter? If the consistency of the lining material production can be proven, then it’s possible to predict its performance and reliability in areas such as heat transfer, which is vital to the longevity of the furnace or kiln.

Partner With Experts

The major manufacturers of these systems are committed to being more than just suppliers and are working in close cooperation with their customers, gaining knowledge about their individual application requirements and assisting them with system design. Based on this knowledge, they will suggest and provide the most appropriate


A top-notch installation crew will help to ensure the optimum outcome for your refractory lining. Remember that refractories should not be considered commodities since they are critical tools without which effective processing would be impossible.

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