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Precast Refractory Shapes

TFL Refractories

Plibrico Refractories

Refractory Anchors

Superior Refractory Materials and Precast Shapes for All Applications

TFL offers a wide range of refractory-related products and services including:

  • precast refractory shapes manufacturing
  • Plibrico refractory materials and insulating firebrick
  • refractory anchor products and design
  • refractory and furnace lining services

Our ability to offer more than just "a bag of refractory" has contributed to our success over the years. We assist our clients in solving their refractory lining problems with solutions based on technical reasoning and sound engineering practice.

TFL provides refractory products and related services to refractory users in many industries including power generation, steel, aluminum, lumber, pulp and paper, minerals processing and industrial furnaces. We specialize in the design and manufacture of precast refractory shapes of all types for virtually any application. Our facilities include custom mold-making capabilities, automated mixing equipment, and two large furnaces for firing our shapes.

Precast Refractory Shapes

The use of precast shape technology can greatly enhance the performance of refractory linings in your equipment. TFL is a leader in developing innovative applications for precast shapes.

Refractory Materials

TFL is a major distributor for Plibrico Company, LLC, a leading manufacturer of high-quality monolithic refractories. We maintain a complete inventory of Plibrico castable and plastic refractories, gun mixes, mortars, service mixes, firebrick, and insulating materials in our Houston, Texas, warehouse.

In addition to Plibrico refractory materials, we maintain an inventory of super-duty and high-alumina firebrick, insulating firebrick, blanket and block insulation, insulating papers, servicing mixes, mortar, and refractory anchors.

Refractory Anchors

When it comes to refractory anchors, TFL understands the importance of quick response. Delivery delays of these critical components can have serious consequences on any job. TFL will assist you with your refractory anchor needs, and supply only the highest quality alloy and ceramic anchors, including our popular Rotalock Anchor.

Refractory Services When You Need Them

At TFL, we understand the importance of quick response and dependable service, and we pride ourselves on serving our customers' needs as quickly as we can. We are available any time, even after normal business hours, and we will strive to assist you with your emergency needs in any way we can. We look forward to discussing our capabilities and services, and assisting you with your refractory-related needs.

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