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TFL provides refractory products and related services to refractory users in many industries, including power generation, steel, aluminum, lumber, pulp and paper, minerals processing and industrial furnaces. We specialize in design and manufacture of custom precast refractory shapes for virtually any application. Our facilities include custom mold-making capabilities, fully automated mixing equipment, and two large furnaces for controlled firing of our shapes.

TFL Precast Refractory Shapes

REDI-SHAPE™ Precast Refractory Shapes

TFL is a leader in designing and manufacturing precast refractory shapes. With our REDI-SHAPE™ product line, we provide expertise in developing applications for precast shapes and can custom-design a shape system to meet your exact specifications in your unique application.

TFL Plibrico Refractories

Plibrico Refractories

TFL is a major distributor for Plibrico Company, a leading manufacturer of superior monolithic refractory materials used in a variety of demanding thermal applications.  For over a century, Plibrico has led our industry in the development of refractory materials technology.

Refractory Materials

Other Refractory Materials

TFL offers a wide range of in-stock refractory materials for your emergency needs. In addition to our large inventory of Plibrico monolithic refractories, we also maintain other inventory items. Click the button below for a full list.

TFL Refractory Anchors

Refractory Anchors

TFL is a premier supplier of refractory anchors. Whether you are looking for a common steer-horn V-anchor, threaded studs, wall support plates, ceramic refractory anchor assembly, or custom-designed refractory anchors, TFL can assist you in choosing the correct anchor for your unique refractory installation.

Superior Refractory Materials & Precast Shapes

Our ability to offer more than just “a bag of refractory” has contributed to our success over the years. We assist our clients in solving their refractory lining problems with solutions based on technical reasoning and sound engineering practices.


A Brief History of TFL

TFL was built around the concept of improved customer service, responsiveness, and care.  Founded by Teddy Faun Laningham in 1977, TFL has always maintained a stellar reputation, and in today’s refractory marketplace, we’re able to dive deep into each customer’s...

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New Employee Spotlight: Lindsey Greenwell

TFL is happy to welcome our newest employee to the team! Lindsey Greenwell will handle Inside Sales and Office Management. We've worked hard over many years to build a solid reputation upon a commitment to our customers and unmatched attention to detail. We know that...

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Refractory Tips: 5 Things Every Plant Manager Should Know

Refractories are a substantial investment, whether you’re managing a new construction or overseeing repair work. While refractory work might only be a small part of your construction project, the materials will protect your equipment, keep production online, and...

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