Ceramic Fiber modules

TFL Ceramic Fiber Modules

Modules are formed from a continuous length of top quality ceramic fiber blanket that is accordion folded, compressed, and banded to the required density for ease of handling during installation. TFL is able to supply almost all available module formats, temperature rating, module densities, module sizes and attachment hardware. Some modules are available in large format (up to 24” x 24”) to minimize joints, maximize stability, accommodate for high-temperature shrinkage and lower installations costs. Custom modules and expedited manufacturing are available upon request.

Physical Properties23002600
Typical Density, pcf (kg/m3)8, 9.3, 10.7, 12 (128, 149, 171, 192)8, 9.3, 10.7, 12 (128, 149, 171, 192)
Thickness, in. (mm) (standard)3.5 (88.9) min3.5 (88.9) min
PMaximum temp rating, ºF (ºC)2300 (1260)2600 (1427)
Continuous use limit, up to, ºF (ºC)2150 (1177)2450 (1343)

Chemical Analysis
(% weight basis, after firing)
2300 2600
Alumina, AI2O342 – 4828 – 32
Silica, SiO252 – 5852 – 56
Zirconia, ZrO214 – 18
Chromia, Cr2O3

Thermal Conductivity
BTU•in./hr•ft2•ºF (w/m•k) (ASTM C 177)
8.0 pcf
(128 kg/m3)
9.3 pcf
(149 kg/m3)
10.7 pcf
(171 kg/m3)
12.0 pcf
(192 kg/m3)
Mean Temperature
@ 500ºF (260ºC)0.46 (0.07)0.47 (0.07)0.42 (0.06)0.42 (0.06)
@ 1000ºF (538ºC)1.07 (0.15)1.02 (0.15)0.97 (0.14)0.93 (0.13)
@ 1500ºF (816ºC)2.06 (0.29)1.88 (0.27)1.76 (0.25)1.64 (0.23)
@ 2000ºF (1093ºC)3.38 (0.48)3.04 (0.43)2.78 (0.40)2.53 (0.36)

The values given herein are typical average values obtained in accordance with accepted test methods and are subject to normal manufacturing variations. They are supplied as a technical service and are subject to change without notice. Therefore, the data contained herein should not be used for specification purposes.

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