Plibrico® Low and Ultra Low Cement Castable Refractories and Gun Mixes

Plicast HyMOR® Castable Refractories and Gun Mixes

Low Cement

Product Name%Al2O3Service LimitSDS
Plicast HyMOR®3000 KK49%3000F / 1650Cdownload
Plicast HyMOR®3100 Special KK61%3100F / 1705Cdownload
Plicast HyMOR®3100 KK77%3100F / 1705Cdownload
Plicast HyMOR®TSR Plus KK31%2500F / 1370Cdownload
Plicast HyMOR®APS 55 KK57%3050F / 1676Cdownload
Plicast HyMOR®65C KK65%3100F / 1704Cdownload
Plicast HyMOR®70 KK70%3100F / 1705Cdownload
Plicast HyMOR®SiC 80 KK(78% SiC)2800F / 1540Cdownload
Plicast HyMOR®80 C KK80%3100F / 1705Cdownload
Plicast HyMOR®90 MA-7 V KK92%3300F / 1815Cdownload
Plicast HyMOR®93V KK94%3000F / 1648Cdownload
Plicast HyMOR®98V KK98%3400F / 1871Cdownload
Plicast HyMOR®AZS KK52%2800F / 1537Cdownload
Pligun HyMOR®768%3100F / 1705Cdownload
Pligun HyMOR®8 A82%3100F / 1705Cdownload


Plicast Super HyMOR® Castable Refractories

Ultra Low Cement

Product Name%Al2O3Service LimitSDS
Plicast Super HyMOR®65 KK64%3100F / 1705Cdownload
Plicast Super HyMOR®80 KK78%3100F / 1705Cdownload
Plicast Super HyMOR®95 V KK94%3200F / 1760Cdownload
Plicast Ad-MOR®6 KK63%3100F / 1704Cdownload