TFL Approved to Manufacture Plibrico’s HyFIBER REDI-SHAPE™

TFL, Incorporated, a Houston-based manufacturer of
REDI-SHAPE™ precast refractory shapes, has been approved as a manufacturer of HyFIBER Shapes, using Plibrico Company’s new line of high-fiber content castable refractory mixes.

The HyFIBER manufacturing process utilizes a high quantity of stainless steel reinforcing fibers, infiltrated with a unique low-cement castable slurry in the mold.  The resulting shapes exhibit extremely high toughness and impact resistance, as well as excellent resistance to thermal shock.    

“We’re extremely excited about adding this technology to our REDI-SHAPE™ manufacturing capabilities,” stated Emory Laningham, President of TFL.  “We see this as an important addition to our product line, one that will enable us to assist our customers with even the toughest refractory applications.”

HyFIBER products provide the thermal protection of refractory in high-temperature applications, along with the mechanical properties approaching those found in steel or cast iron parts.  Shapes can be custom-designed for any application.  Typical HyFIBER shape applications include areas where high impact and mechanical loads are prevalent, including:

  • Furnace Door Sills, Jambs and Lintels
  • Damper Blades
  • Curb Shapes
  • Impact Pads
  • Skimming Blades and Stirring Fixtures
  • Rotary Kiln Nose Rings
  • Replacement for Water-Cooled Doors and Structures

Shapes can be manufactured using a variety of stainless steel fiber alloys.  The Plibrico HyFIBER slurry is designed to minimize water demand and increase density.  Resulting shape densities can be as much as 18% higher than other similar products on the market.  HyFIBER shapes produced with type 304 alloy stainless steel fiber will have a density of between 195 and 210 pounds per cubic foot.

TFL, Incorporated is a supplier of refractory materials, specializing in the design and manufacture of REDI-SHAPETM precast refractory shapes.  TFL serves the refractory needs of many industries including power generation, steel, aluminum, lumber, pulp and paper, minerals processing and industrial furnaces.

For more information on TFL products and HyFIBER precast refractory shapes, please contact:

TFL, Incorporated
Phone: (281) 590-8500
Toll-free: (800) 828-5002 (U.S. only)