TFL: Bringing You the Plibrico Advantage

In addition to their large variety of ceramic fiber and firebrick refractory materials and accessories, TFL is a major distributor for Plibrico Company LLC, a leading manufacturer of monolithic refractory materials. TFL only delivers the best in refractories, which is why we supply Plibrico materials. Learn what sets us apart from other manufacturers. Click To Tweet

The Plibrico Advantage

For more than a century, Plibrico has pioneered the research and development of monolithic refractory technology. Used in a variety of demanding thermal applications, these materials stand the test of time. Plibrico provides the industry expertise needed for the most demanding operations.

Plibrico in The News: Industrial Heating Today Magazine

Plibrico was featured on the cover of Industrial Heating Today, The Industrial Journal of Thermal Processing in their October 2018 issue. The magazine provides timely technical information and news on a variety of topics, including heat treatment, metallurgy, brazing and much more.  The article, written by Plibrico’s Director of Marketing Pamela Gaul, is titled “Maintain Your Refractories – Avoid Costly Refractory Repairs with Proper Maintenance.” It provides a basic overview of refractory maintenance and explains how readers can help extend the life of their refractories.

Furnaces North America 2018

Furnaces North America is the heat-treating industry’s main event of the year, attracting attendees from all over the world to learn more about emerging technologies, trends and equipment updates. FNA 2018 showcases equipment enhancements, business opportunities, new innovations in technology and the opportunity for technical training. Plibrico was showcased at Industrial Heating Today’s booth, where the October issue was once again front and center.

TFL & Plibrico

As a long time distributor for Plibrico Company, LLC, TFL has seen first hand the quality and consistency of these refractory materials. We’re proud to provide the technical expertise and practical knowledge to ensure our customers get the material, value, and installation they deserve. 

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