How Cerabolt™ Makes Refractory Repair Easier

Refractory repairs are critical but can be tedious and time-consuming. When the lining of your refractory becomes worn and cracked, the complex process of removing the old lining, disposing of it properly and replacing it can seem daunting.  

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How Does Cerabolt™ Make Refractory Repairs Easier?

Cerabolt™ is a high-alumina ceramic bolt and washer duo used for connecting MAFTEC™ high-temperature insulation or ceramic fiber blanket to existing low-density refractory linings. The following are ways that Cerabolt™ can make repairing existing refractory lining easier:

  • Save Time
  • Save Money
  • Save Resources

Save Time

Replacing the ceramic fiber module of a refractory is a timely process that can be quite tiresome. Cerabolt™ can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to repair and replace the refractory lining. Simply apply a new hot face layer of blanket over the damaged lining and drilling Cerabolts™ through to support the new lining.

Pro Tip: With Cerabolt™ you simply apply a new layer of ceramic fiber blanket over the damaged lining for a secure and effective refractory repair.

Save Money

Cerabolt™ is an economical solution to refractory lining repair. Old and damaged ceramic linings can be restored quickly and efficiently with Cerabolt™ installation. You don’t have to worry about the expense of removing and disposing of the old lining, which makes Cerabolt™ a great refractory product.

Save Resources

You won’t have to discard the old, degraded lining. You can simply place the new lining over the old and use the Cerabolt™ system to hold the lining in place. Welding of anchors is not required- all you need to install Cerabolt™ is a power drill and a hex-head socket.

Refractory Lining Restoration

Ceramic fiber lining repairs are a mandatory process of refractory maintenance. Cerabolt™ is a convenient and efficient way to restore and repair industrial refractory lining.

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