Your Guide to Selecting the Best Insulation Bricks

Fire bricks are used in high-temperature settings such as furnaces, kilns, and manufacturing facilities. They are preferred due to their thermal conductivity. Furthermore, they are ideal for reducing the amount of energy used.

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How Can You Choose the Best Insulation Bricks?

The type of bricks that will work best for you is entirely dependent on your intended application. Here are three types and what they’re used for:

  1. Super-Duty Firebricks
  2. High-Alumina Firebrick
  3. Insulating Firebrick

1) Super-Duty Firebricks

Super-duty firebricks are used for thermal insulation in higher temperatures. Many super-duty firebricks are made from a very durable and heat resistant material such as silica. Various kinds of super-duty are used in industrial settings such as the glass and steel industry.

2) High-Alumina Firebrick

High-alumina firebricks are a great choice due to their resistance to corrosion and their performance in high-temperature furnaces. They’re used in various applications like in and around blast furnaces, cement, lime, ceramic kilns, and glass tanks.

Pro Tip: High-alumina firebricks are commonly used in refinery, chemical, and refractory industries.

3) Insulating Firebrick

Insulating firebricks are lighter weight and used in lower temperatures. They don’t absorb the heat like other refractory bricks. However, they can be used around furnaces to trap the heat in.

Selecting the Right Firebrick

No matter the application, it’s critical to select the best insulation brick for your project. While this guide may help you in selecting the ideal brick, you should always speak with a professional to ensure you’re using the appropriate firebrick.

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