TFL Now Offers Plibrico’s FAST TRACK Rapid Heat-Up Refractory Products

As a full-line distributor of Plibrico monolithic refractory products, TFL Incorporated can offer Plibrico’s fast-drying, rapid heat-up castable refractories and gun mixes for time-critical applications. Plibrico’s Fast Trackcastable refractories come in both casting grade and gunning grade. Fast Track refractories significantly reduce down time and get process units back on line faster.

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Less Downtime

Downtime is a refractory consumer’s least favorite word. Fast Track castables and gun mixes require a minimum cure time, and may be dried out/heated at an accelerated rate as compared to most conventional castables, enabling you to get process units back on line quicker. Fast Track refractories are suitable for all refractory applications, generally for linings less than 8″ thick.

FAST TRACK Castable  Products

TFL offers four distinctive Plibrico FAST TRACK castable refractory products:

DescriptionService Temp, oFDensity, pcf% Al2O3
Plicast Fast Track 40-25Intermediate duty, high strength250012042.1
Plicast Fast Track 50-30Super-duty, high strength, ultra low cement castable300014050.7
Plicast Fast Track 65-31Mullite-based, high strength, ultra low cement castable310015063.6
Plicast Fast Track 75-31Bauxite-based, high strength, ultra low cement castable310016875.9


FAST TRACK Gunning Products

We offer three various FAST TRACK products specifically for gunning applications:

DescriptionService Temp, oFDensity, pcf% Al2O3
Pligun Fast Track 25Intermediate duty, high strength250012037.1
Plicast Fast Track 30 Super-duty, high strength300012546.9
Plicast Fast Track 31LCMullite-based, high strength, low cement castable310013860.9


Global Refractory Supplies

TFL is a key supplier of Plibrico refractory materials. We carry many refractory products including refractory anchors and precast refractory shapes. We serve many industrial companies globally. Would you like to know more about our refractory products and services? Contact us to speak with our team today!