Can Your Refractory Project Benefit from HyFIBER Shape Technology?

HyFIBER precast refractory shapes from TFL utilize a very high quantity of stainless steel reinforcing fibers, infiltrated with a unique low-cement castable slurry in the mold. The resulting refractory shapes exhibit extremely high toughness and impact resistance, as well as excellent resistance to thermal shock during high-temperature applications.

7 Excellent HyFiber Shape Applications

Have you considered HyFIBER Shapes for your refractory project? HyFIBER shape technology offers superior performance where high impact and mechanical loads are prevalent. Stainless steel reinforcing fibers and a unique low-cement castable slurry in the mold makes these precast shapes extremely tough – standing up to extreme impact and thermal shock.

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These 7 applications are greatly improved with HyFIBER Shape Technology:

  1. Furnace Door Sills, Jambs & Lintels
  2. Damper Blades
  3. Curb Shapes
  4. Impact Pads
  5. Skimming Blades and Stirring Fixtures
  6. Rotary Kiln Nose Rings
  7. Replacement for Water-Cooled Doors and Structures

1) Furnace Door Sills, Jambs & Lintels

Door sills, jambs and lintels often take tremendous mechanical abuse from impact. This can result in an improper seal around the door, leading to heat loss and further heat damage.   

2) Damper Blades

Often a very high-abrasion area, damper blades are a prime candidate for the additional abrasion resistance that a HyFIBER lining can provide.

3) Curb Shapes

Curb shapes around a car-bottom furnace hearth can take serious abuse when loading and unloading a car. HyFIBER curb shapes are the answer!

4) Impact Pads

Impact pads are some of the toughest refractory applications. HyFIBER shapes can provide durability and toughness to extend the life of pads.

5) Skimming Blades and Stirring Fixtures

A combination of mechanical strength, abrasion resistance, and thermal shock are all required for this application.  

Pro Tip: HyFIBER shapes can provide the “Big 3” needed in skimming blades and stirring fixtures.  

6) Rotary Kiln Nose Rings

One of the toughest applications for precast refractory shapes, Rotary Kiln Nose Rings shapes require the ultimate in mechanical strength and abrasion resistance.  HyFIBER shapes ensure those needs are met.

7) Replacement for Water-Cooled Doors and Structures

The continual, often expensive maintenance issues that are inherent with the use of water-cooled structures can be eliminated with the use of structurally sound HyFIBER shapes.  

Technology that Benefits You

Whether you need to extend the life of your impact pads or improve the abrasion resistance of your damper blades, HyFiber shape technology is the solution.

Would you like to know more about how our precast refractory shapes and refractory materials can improve your refractory operations? Contact us to speak with our refractory experts today.