At TFL, we pride ourselves on providing the best refractory services to a variety of industries. We specialize in refractories, refractory shapes, anchors, and refractory installation and design. We’re a recognized leader in the refractory industry, because of our dedication to our clients and our continuous advancements in refractory technology.

We’ve been in business for over forty years- since 1977. The founder of TFL, Teddy Laningham established herself as a leading supplier of Hex Steel. This led to her becoming a distributor for Plibrico. Since then, we’ve become leaders in the refractory industry.

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We use our creativity to solve refractory related problems daily. We think outside of the box to come up with state-of-the-art solutions to improve thermal processing equipment.

Pro Tip: We continuously use ingenuity guided by expertise to solve some of the toughest refractory issues presented.


Our experience sets us apart from our competitors and makes us leaders in the industry. With decades of practice, we’ve been able to learn from what’s worked well and what hasn’t in the past. We use technical reasoning and our years of experience to guide us to the best practices in the industry.


In order to minimize downtime, and improve efficiency, responsiveness is critical in the refractory industry. At TFL we recognize this and act fast to provide necessary solutions for industrial heat processing equipment.


Lastly, our refractory products are guaranteed to be top-notch quality in high-temperature situations. There is no room in this industry for anything less than the best. From refractory installation services to high-quality Plibrico products, excellence is key for TFL.

TFL: A Company You Can Trust

Our core values have been at the center of our business practices throughout the decades. It’s no wonder we’ve become a leader in the refractory industry.

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