Your Source for Ceramic Fiber Modules

In addition to our complete line of Plibrico monolithic refractories, custom-designed precast shapes, and refractory anchors, TFL also offers high-quality ceramic fiber modules.  We understand the urgency of most refractory module jobs, and can quickly respond to supply your needs with standard or custom-sized modules.  Our modules are all made domestically, from superior ceramic fiber blanket with minimal shrinkage.

TFL is your best source for excellent ceramic fiber modules! Here’s an overview of the different types we offer. Click To Tweet

CM-Pleat Style – no internal hardware, designed for use with stab-on hardware such as H-Hangers, T-Hangers, Split Hangers or L-Hangers

CM-Weld Style – Designed for quick installation using automatic stud-welding machine

CM-Channel Style – Designed to be used with individual studs, weld-stud assemblies, slide channels, or thru-bolts.

Modules are formed from a continuous length of top-quality ceramic fiber blanket (2300 or 2600 deg), accordion folded, compressed and banded to the required density and for ease of handling during installation. TFL is able to supply all available module formats, temperature rating, module densities, module sizes, and attachment hardware. Some modules are available in large format (up to 24” x 24”) to minimize joints, maximize stability, accommodate for high-temperature shrinkage and lower installed cost. Custom modules and expedited manufacturing are available upon request.

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