5 Reasons Why Responsiveness Matters in the Refractory Industry

It’s getting late on a Friday afternoon. The furnace has to be back on line by Monday. You’re running low on refractory materials. Who can you call?

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Responsiveness to Clients

At TFL, we understand the critical nature of refractory installation work. We know that our responsiveness and service is crucial to your success. Here are 5 reasons why responsiveness matters in the refractory industry:

  1. Timing is everything!
  2. Refractories are critical to industry!
  3. Refractories often drive the schedule!
  4. Customer service matters
  5. What can we do for you?

1) Timing is Everything!

We understand the implications of lost production, schedule delays, wasted manhours, and cost overruns. TFL realizes that delays on our end can’t be tolerated, and we help our customers be successful by collaborating on required schedules and meeting our promised deliveries.

2) Refractories are Critical to Industry!

At TFL, we know that our refractory materials are being used in critical furnaces and process units that are vital to our American industrial competitiveness. Furnace operators and refractory contractors that we serve depend on us to provide refractory materials, precast shapes, and anchors on time and within specification.

3) Refractories Often Drive the Schedule!

On most furnace installation or repair projects, refractory installation is the last item on the schedule. When your work is on the critical path, all eyes are on you! The last thing you need in that situation is to be waiting on a material supplier. A responsive supplier can keep you on track.

4) Customer Service Matters

Responsiveness in the refractory industry must be a constant priority for your material suppliers. A truly responsive supplier puts his customer’s needs over all else. Whether it’s one bag or a truckload of refractory, service and response should be the same.

5) What Can We Do for You?

Responsiveness means being proactive and positive. A truly responsive supplier will offer to stretch their own typical services to make life easier for you, the customer. Can we source other items for you in a pinch? Can we help you combine shipments? At TFL, we always ask, “What else can we do for you?”

Pro Tip: Choose a refractory supplier that will go above and beyond to help you with your work deadlines.

Choose a Reliable Supplier

TFL’s first priority is always our clients. You can rely on us for fast response times, customer service that goes above and beyond, and delivery on our promises.

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