Plastic Refractories: Highlighting Air Bond

As a distributor of Plibrico refractory products, TFL stocks a selection of Plibrico Air Bond refractories. These air-bonded materials offer a number of benefits for improving your thermal processing equipment.

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Plibrico Air Bond Refractories

With a wide range of uses and applications, this week we are highlighting our family of Plibrico Air Bond plastic refractories, which have been designed to be thermal shock resistant and to minimize shrinkage. Another major benefit of air-bonded plastic refractories is the uncomplicated bake out.  These materials need no cure time, and go straight from rammed to bake out.  This makes these products quicker to install than castable refractories.  Within the air bond category, our selection of plastic refractories includes the following.

  • Plibrico Super F AB
  • Plibrico 60 AB
  • Plibrico 80 AB
  • Plibrico 90 AB

Plibrico Super F AB

Pioneered in the early 20th century, Plibrico Super F AB is the original rammed plastic refractory material. It is a 43% alumina Super Duty plastic characterized by an air-bonded granular aggregate that gives this product better low-temperature strength and shrinkage control. These features make Plibrico Super F AB an economical material for boiler and furnace walls.

See the Plibrico Super F AB technical data sheet for product details.

Plibrico 60 AB

Plibrico® 60 AB is a versatile air-bonded plastic refractory with 60% alumina designed to withstand temperatures up to 3100°F. With relatively low thermal expansion and spall resistance this material serves well in many applications including steel reheat furnaces, boilers, incinerators, and burner cones.

See the Plibrico 60 AB technical data sheet for product details.

Plibrico 80 AB

Plibrico 80 AB is an 80% alumina air-bonded plastic refractory, and is rated to 3200°F. This product retains good volume stability at high temperatures, as well as good thermal shock and crack resistance.  These qualities make Plibrico 80 AB an outstanding material for waste incinerators and thermal oxidizers.

See the Plibrico 80 AB technical data sheet for product details.

Plibrico 90 AB

With 90% alumina content, Plibrico 90 AB is an air-bonded plastic refractory designed to withstand temperatures up to 3400°F. Its high temperature rating, excellent slag resistance and strength under load at high temperature makes Plibrico 90 AB highly effective in severe service applications.

See the Plibrico 90 AB technical data sheet for product details.

Pro Tip: Use TFL’s turnkey installation services to ensure that your plastic refractories are applied correctly for your business’ needs. From design to implementation, TFL professionals are committed to the entire refractory process.

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